Enhancing Financial Confidence: Pleasant Street Wealth Advisors Partners with Townsquare Capital

June 04, 2023

We have some exciting news! At Pleasant Street Wealth Advisors, we are on a mission to help more people have confidence, peace of mind, and clarity in their life. Our goal is to help people spend less time worrying about finances and more time enjoying life, or as we call it, Experiencing Their Wealth’s Possibilities!

As we work to fulfill this mission, we are constantly striving to “raise the bar” on our team’s ability to deliver extraordinary services to our clients. As such, we are delighted to announce that we have recently formalized a partnership with Townsquare Capital to enhance our Wealth Management and Investment Management processes.

Who is Townsquare?

Townsquare Captial was founded in 2016 to offer custom investment solutions for institutions and wealth advisors. Through this partnership, their team will work alongside our Advisors to enhance our design and implementation of risk-optimized, cost-efficient portfolios to continue improving client investment outcomes.

What will be different?

As fiduciaries, the Pleasant Street Wealth Advisors’ team has always been committed to providing our clients with portfolios designed to achieve their financial goals in the most cost-efficient way. That will not change.

The Townsquare team provides Pleasant Street Advisors with a deep bench of experienced investment professionals. They are currently working with our team to perform Portfolio Audits on every client portfolio. The Portfolio Audit is a process Townsquare has created to identify opportunities for improving efficiency, risk management, and tax management. In upcoming client meetings, we will share insights and opportunities identified through the Portfolio Audit with clients and, when appropriate, bring the Townsquare team into those meetings.

In addition to the individually customized insights delivered in meetings, clients can expect periodic market updates and timely market views from Townsquare’s thought leadership. Our goal is to continue to educate and inform folks about the economy and capital markets, helping clients to remain intelligent investors.

How Can Clients Maximize The New Resources?

First, continue working with your Advisory team on your Financial Plan. Wealth Management and Investment Management are critical elements of any Financial Plan. But the plan, your individual goals, and your financial situation should drive your investments, not investments driving the plan.

Second, leverage the Portfolio Audit on accounts outside Pleasant Street Wealth Advisors. Our resources are here to help you continue to be an intelligent investor, extending across your entire financial life. Your Financial Plan is not limited to only the Pleasant Street Wealth Advisors investments. We will review this in our upcoming meetings.

Finally, engage with Townsquare educational events. You can expect web events and written updates. As you consume the information, ask our team questions, and continue to develop your investment knowledge so that you can make informed financial decisions.

As always, do not hesitate to contact our team with any questions. Thank you for your trust and confidence in our team and firm. We look forward to our next conversation!